We often wonder what the food we eat has gone through, and what all is in it before it makes its way to our kitchen table. We long for the home-style, full flavor meals that don't taste like they've been processed to the point of being more of a chemical compound than actual food. Our thoughts often take us back to the times when there were no sprawling corporate brands that dominated the food shelves of the local grocery store, rather it was the small-town family owned and operated food shops that we all knew and trusted for their high quality products and hands-on involvement in producing every package of product with the highest level of pride for what they did.

But you CAN still find that!

At Nature's Prime we settle for nothing less than the best. When you bake up one of our All Natural, Gluten Free Pot Pies you'll find that very apparent. Our products boast only the highest quality ingredients. No Preservatives, No Chemical Flavor Additives or Substitutes, No MSG, and they're absolutely deliciously Gluten Free! 

We started the pie business in 2005 after we had been in the local retail business selling meat and poultry products to our rural Minnesota community since the early 1990s. Our pie production started by making pies entirely by hand, from scratch - everything from the flaky crust to the mouthwatering filling. In short time the products became a popular option to our local customers, climbing to the top of the list of our best selling products. And as more and more people have been looking for food options that are nutritious and healthy, but are free of gluten, we sought to meet the needs of our customers and started offering our gluten free pies. Gluten Free has been labeled as 'tasteless' by the average consumer. We beg to differ, and promise to prove the critics wrong after the just first bite of our pie products. So treat yourself to this homemade goodness. You're bound to take the second helping!

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